New Tech 

Trust, Respect, and Responsibility

What is New Tech?

The New Tech Network is a nonprofit organization that transforms schools into innovative learning environments. Their project-based learning approach engages students with dynamic, rigorous curriculum. Through extensive professional development and hands on coaching, teachers in a New Tech school evolve from keepers of knowledge to facilitators of rich, relevant learning. New Tech helps schools re-imagine education and the student accomplishments that comes as a result speak volumes. 

Teaching that Engages: New Tech uses the project-based approach to learning. Driven by a complex problem or challenging questions, problem based learning requires students to collaborate on relevant and meaningful projects. These projects rely on students to think critically, be creative and communicate. Learning is contextual. It requires both the application of content learned and the development of real life skills necessary for both college and career readiness.

Culture that Empowers: Trust, respect and responsibility are the hallmark words that define a New Tech classroom and school experience.  Students and teachers at New Tech schools have ownership of the learning experience and their classroom environment. Students learn to be accountable to their peers and gain a level of responsibility resembling to what they would experience after high school. 

Technology that Enables:  All classrooms are equipped with one-to-one computing. The smart use of technology allows for students to dive deep into learning. The technology creates a place for our students and teachers to be collaborative in nature and self-directed learners. It allows for our students to dive deeper than a traditional textbook, sort through the information and apply that knowledge to their project.


  • 99.3% Graduation Rate.

2,404 Dual College Credits earned by students in 2014-2015— 6 free credit hours @ Ivy Tech for each student.

226 HS credits earned by LMS students in 2014-2015.

5% increase in pass+ testers @ LHS in Math ECA.

6% increase in pass+ scores @LMS for ELA.

LHS 7% increase in post-secondary readiness for students.

LHS has cut the student withdrawal rate in half.

90 panel solar array field @ LMS

What should I look for in the New Tech environment?

Learning Outcomes

Students are assessed on five different learning outcomes that make up their total grade in the course. 

1.    Knowledge and Thinking (Individual Grade): Your traditional standards and content. This is worth 50% of a student’s grade and requires them to have a deep understanding of the content of the course. Students use the knowledge they develop in the course to reason, problem solve, develop sound arguments or decisions, and create new ideas by using appropriate sources and applying the knowledge and skills of a discipline.

2.    Written Communication (Individual Grade): Writing is important in all courses and can be thought of as a content skill everywhere. Written communication is worth 10% and requires students to effectively communicate the content they learned through writing by organizing and structuring ideas and using content appropriate language and conventions.

3.    Oral Communication (Individual Grade): Oral communication is worth 10% and requires students to communicate the content they learned through an effective oral presentation.

4.    Collaboration (Can be Individual and Group Grade): Collaboration is worth 10% of a students’ grade. Collaboration is the ability to be a productive member of a diverse team through strong interpersonal communication, a commitment to shared success of the group, leadership and initiative.

5.    Agency (Individual Grade): Agency is worth 20% and can be thought of as the ownership of learning. This requires the students to reflect and develop strategies on how they can successfully learn as well as demonstrate ownership and responsibility over their own learning. 


Echo is an online learning system used to organize daily classroom instruction, track student grades, share documents and resources and communicate with others in the school community.   It is designed to support Project-based learning and facilitate communication and collaboration between students and teachers. Teachers and students in New Tech classrooms use Echo on a daily basis to access course information and resources, plan projects, assignments, and grade. This is where one could go to view missing assignments; check grades or an agenda for what was done during the day (especially if absent).

Where can I go for more information?

Visit the New Tech Website:

Echo Information for Parents:

An email is sent out through Skyward to explain how we use Echo and Skyward at the beginning of each year. Please be sure to check the email account that you have provided in skyward for more detailed information. 

What is Echo?

The Echo learning management system is a complete course and learning system used by our New Tech Facilitators to post assignments and activities, daily agendas, grade and provide feedback, hold discussions and collaborate with each other. If your child is in a current New Tech course, you can log in to the Echo system to see your child’s daily agenda, activities or homework they have completed, missed or were late, detailed gradebook (based on the 5 learning outcomes and individual assignments). Please see the attachment to this email for a list of courses that are using Echo and directions on how to navigate the system. Because these courses use Echo, you will not see detailed grading in Skyward on a daily basis. Each teacher will report out one grade at progress reports and report card. You will need to log in to Echo to see daily activity, assignments, grades, etc.

Each parent has a unique Echo account based on the information you have given in skyward. You can login by visiting the Echo website: and using the following information:

Parent Login: Email provided in skyward

Password: echo1234

Once you login to the system, you will immediately be prompted to change your password to something else. Please be sure you write that password down as we would not have access to it once you change it. If you forget your password it would need to be reset by someone at the school. 

Echo Quick Guide Navigational Tool for Parents


How do I help my child in this new learning environment?

  1. Volunteer to be an authentic connection and share your expertise— Teachers are always looking for real world career connections in their projects. 
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!
  3. Attend showcases and parent nights
  4. Change the conversation with your child/children— use the glossary of terms and some of the following question stems:
  5. What is your favorite project right now? Why is this your favorite project?
  6. How was your project introduced?
  7. What benchmark are you working on?
  8. What do you have to do as a culminating event/end product?
  9. Which learning outcome are you struggling in, which one are you excelling in?
  10. What steps do you take to hold your group members accountable?
  11. What does your group contract look like?