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Flag Football


Ultimate Football Rules

Ultimate Football Worksheet

Football Grip

Catching a Football

Throwing a Football

Throwing to a Moving Target


Basketball Study Guide


Badminton Study Guide

Badminton Muscles 

Badminton Grip

Badminton Scoring

Badminton Forehand/Backhand

Badminton Serving 

Badminton Shots



Pickleball Study Guide

Pickleball Worksheet

Pickleball Scoring/Points

Pickleball Grip

Pickleball Forehand/Backhand


Study Guide


Physical Education Lock Info 2017-2018 


Physical Education and Health Supplies

·Physical Education Shirt & Shorts (This is available at registration and in the bookstore after the beginning of school.)

·Heart Rate Monitor Strap (This is available at registration and in the office after the beginning of school.)

·2 Pocket Folders (1folder for PE and 1folder for Health)

·Sweats (To wear over PE uniform when outside.)

·Small Plastic Container

·Pens – black or blue

·Tennis Shoes




PE/Health Rules