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Trust, Respect, and Responsibility

We are pleased to announce that Tri-Creek School Corporation will be continuing its third year of rollout for project based learning under the New Tech Network. A dedicated team of teachers grades 6-10 along with various other grade level teachers have worked tirelessly over the last year and summer to transform education in a way that meets the needs of a twenty-first century environment. When students enter their New Tech classroom  they became part of an innovative learning organization where teachers and students work together to develop a hands on, rigorous and relevant approach to learning. By using the project based learning approach, New Tech works to create life long learners that are equipped with the skills necessary to be successful in their college and career goals. 

Read Engaged...Equipped...Empowered written by our Superintendent Dr. Debra Howe for more information on what PBL looks like at Tri-Creek. 


What is New Tech?

Teaching that Engages: New Tech uses the project-based approach to learning. Driven by a complex problem or challenging questions, problem based learning requires students to collaborate on relevant and meaningful projects. These projects rely on students to think critically, be creative and communicate. Learning is contextual. It requires both the application of content learned and the development of real life skills necessary for both college and career readiness.

Culture that Empowers: Trust, respect and responsibility are the hallmark words that define a New Tech classroom and school experience.  Students and teachers at New Tech schools have ownership of the learning experience and their classroom environment. Students learn to be accountable to their peers and gain a level of responsibility resembling to what they would experience after high school. 

Technology that Enables:  All classrooms are equipped with one-to-one computing. The smart use of technology allows for students to dive deep into learning. The technology creates a place for our students and teachers to be collaborative in nature and self-directed learners. It allows for our students to dive deeper than a traditional textbook, sort through the information and apply that knowledge to their project.

Visit the New Tech Network Website for more information

Who’s Who in New Tech?

Currently in our district all 7th-10th grade core content teachers and a variety of 11-12th grade Science, Social Studies, and English teachers are practicing project-based learning. To see a complete listing of teachers using PBL in their New Tech classroom click here

What should I look for in the New Tech environment?

Learning Outcomes

Students are assessed on five different learning outcomes that make up their total grade in the course. 

1.    Knowledge and Thinking (Individual Grade): Your traditional standards and content. This is worth 50% of a student’s grade and requires them to have a deep understanding of the content of the course. Students use the knowledge they develop in the course to reason, problem solve, develop sound arguments or decisions, and create new ideas by using appropriate sources and applying the knowledge and skills of a discipline.

2.    Written Communication (Individual Grade): Writing is important in all courses and can be thought of as a content skill everywhere. Written communication is worth 10% and requires students to effectively communicate the content they learned through writing by organizing and structuring ideas and using content appropriate language and conventions.

3.    Oral Communication (Individual Grade): Oral communication is worth 10% and requires students to communicate the content they learned through an effective oral presentation.

4.    Collaboration (Can be Individual and Group Grade): Collaboration is worth 10% of a students’ grade. Collaboration is the ability to be a productive member of a diverse team through strong interpersonal communication, a commitment to shared success of the group, leadership and initiative.

5.    Agency (Individual Grade): Agency is worth 20% and can be thought of as the ownership of learning. This requires the students to reflect and develop strategies on how they can successfully learn as well as demonstrate ownership and responsibility over their own learning. 


Echo is an online learning system used to organize daily classroom instruction, track student grades, share documents and resources and communicate with others in the school community.   It is designed to support Project-based learning and facilitate communication and collaboration between students and teachers. Teachers and students in New Tech classrooms use Echo on a daily basis to access course information and resources, plan projects, assignments, and grade. This is where one could go to view missing assignments; check grades or an agenda for what was done during the day (especially if absent).

Where can I go for more information?

Visit the New Tech Website:

Echo for Parents

Please access the Echo for Parents Guide on how to log in and look around in Echo. 

Should you have any questions regarding New Tech or Echo please feel free to contact your child's teacher or Lindsay Hudak