Tri-Creek Communication Regarding Student Safety Concerns

February 19, 2018

The following information was sent out to all Tri-Creek School Corporation families on Monday, February 19th, 2018.

The most recent school tragedy in Florida has brought copy-cat threats across our region and the country.  Please know that Tri-Creek is committed to providing a safe environment for students.  We take all threats seriously and investigate them all.  This has been the case as we received a non-specific threat through a third party Sunday evening. The Lowell Police and Tri-Creek administration have spent Sunday evening and all day today investigating this threat.  The Police have found this threat NOT to be credible. To repeat, there have been no first-hand accounts that have indicated a planned act of violence.

Since the threat, while not credible, occurred so close to the Florida shooting and given the current unease everyone is feeling, Tri-Creek has asked the Lowell Police Department and Lake County Sheriff’s Department for increased presence at each school over the next couple of days.  We would also like to remind everyone of the following:

1. Every family should have received a letter from the District regarding the new Safety Response Protocols (SRP).  While students have already been trained at school in these protocols, please take the time to review them again with your students.
2. All faculty and staff have been trained in the new SRP Protocol.
3. Each building has a secure entry vestibule for additional student safety, where visitors must be buzzed into the building.
4. A Director of Safety and Security was hired this year who oversees safety procedures and works with the SRO (a Lowell Police Officer).
5. A safety audit was conducted in 2016 that has resulted in the above changes to ensure safety and security.
6. Tri-Creek and the Lowell and County Law Enforcement Departments work closely to investigate all threats, credible or not and have been advised on our SRP.
7. Each building has at least one school safety specialist who has been trained by the Indiana Department of Education

Ensuring the safety of students is a priority.  This is made possible through a partnership between the District, community and local authorities.  If you hear of a threat to our schools, our faculty and staff, or our students, please contact anyone at the schools or the police.  As a reminder, our Director of Safety and Security is Carl Porter and his email is