School Programs and Awards

Art Explorers Club

Students in fourth and fifth grade are invited to participate in a weekly after school art club sponsored by the Three Creeks Art Teacher.  For additional information contact Miss Amy Back.

Spell Bowl

Fourth and fifth grade students are given a list of 800 words to study before taking a qualifying test at the building level. The top 15 spellers make up the school team and compete with other area schools of similar size for state recognition. Area competition takes place in mid-November.  Here is a link to the 2013-2014 spell bowl word list.

Math Bowl

Fourth and fifth grade students are given a set of practice problems as a study guide prior to the competition. The fifteen member team is selected through a local competition. Teams of three students compete at the regional level to solve problems during the timed competition in mid-March.

Nine-Week Awards

Each nine weeks students are recognized in their classrooms for academic achievement and excellence in other areas.